Hockeypool Loader

How It Works

Welcome to We built this site because we found that the fantasy hockey experience that exists today is a bit lacklustre. A good analogy would be regular season hockey vs playoff hockey. We want to be like game 7 double-overtime.

Beta Information

Since this is our first year out of the gate, we know there may be bugs that are discovered. We will be do our best to resolve these in a timely fashion. To help compensate you while we are testing out the site, we are offering a special beta price to all pools at 50% off the regular price.


All pools created on start as a free trial. You can upgrade at any point. Once the trial is over, payment is required in order to gain access again. We offer two price points. Our premium pool for $29.95 gives you full access and removes all advertisements within the pool. That means all users accessing your league will be able to use it ad-free. The other option is priced lower at $19.95 but will include advertisements placed throughout the pool.

Creating A Pool

The first step in getting started on is to create a new pool. Make sure you register first, after that head over to our pool creator to get started. Take a look at our pool types to find the one right for you and your group.

Serious. Fantasy. Hockey.

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